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Thread: Clen question.

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    Clen question.

    Howdy all, I have a quick question reguarding clen . From what i've read, it appaers to be slightly benifical to suffers of asthma. Being that I suffer fromt his and i'm looking to drop a little weight, would this be a viable option? Also what else would you recommend for additional weight loss( not taking any AAS, so T3 is out)

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    From the book, Anabolic Edge, a medical student in Mexico reported that he took two tablets in the morning and two at noon, Monday to Friday, for 12 months. He took them for breathing problems due to the poor air quality in Guadalajara. When he began taking clenbuterol , he was 250lbs at 36 percent bodyfat. After a year he was 220 pounds, at 11 percent bodyfat. A loss of 75 pounds of bodyfat. His training regimen was one to one and a half hours, Monday to Saturday.

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