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Thread: Nitric Oxide

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    Nitric Oxide

    Do you use nitric oxide daily? I'm thinking about getting some to increase my indurance. The sponser site advises the serving size of 3 tablets but I'm unsure as to when to use it.

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    are you on a cycle.

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    ludakris9 is offline Associate Member
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    I don't use it but I am interested in finding out more bout it bro.

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    bump let me know as well

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    it costs so much to take the stuff, i used it once if used as directed one bottle lasted like 2-3 weeks. If im not mistaken arginine does the same thing and is cheaper. this would probably get more responses in the supp forum thogh, im sure someone in there usses iit

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    Buying the powder is alot cheaper than buying the capped No2 , i didnt think it was that bad

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    Don't really care for this product, but I did like the NO-Xplode as a pre-workout energy boost. It was effective, but way too expensive for that small jug.

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    I have used NO2 when it first came out. Contrary to what most will say, my strength gains went through the roof, and it actually made me look harder and more ripped than ever in my life. I was taking it with creatine as well. I had to use 2 bottles tho cuz one bottle lasted only 19 days.

    The second time I used it was the opposit. I used a brand called NOX2 cuz i got a deal on made me put on fat, and my strength was the same....same diet as and training as befor. So I can only advise you on the one that worked for me.

    but true, arginine will do the same probably and costs much can make your own mix with argenine, and creatine ethyl ester mixed right in....

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    Generally you take 3 capsules a half hour b4 you eat in the morning and a half hour b4 lunch. it has about a 12 hour half life, due to its sustained release delivery system. whereas regular arganine doesnt. I get great pumps and endurance, which I never totally realized till I went off of it the first time. It's supposed to work great coupled with the new creatine esters but I have never tried it

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