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    Do some people just not get sides from AAS?

    Do some people just not get sides from AAS? I never get sides. No acne/bacne, limp dick, head aches, baldness, sand in the clit, sadness, crying for mommy, etc. I only get tired because I bust my ass in the gym. And maybe aggression but that's mental if you ask me, not a side from any AAS. Of course we're going to be more aggressive, were bigger and stronger than the average schmoe. Hell I don't even get the PCT boo hoo's. Why are some people not prone to sides like others? Emotional numbness? How about the physical sides like acne though?

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    lucky you,depends what your running var has little sides ,also doses low doses will give less sides.

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    It depends on the person and how the body will react to different AS.

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