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Thread: Gains on PCT??

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    Gains on PCT??

    So tell me if I 'm wrong, but PCT is for maintaining gains from your cycle, but is it possible to make any more gains from the gym while doing PCT? Has that ever happened to anyone before or is it not possible? Or should i also throw in some creatine?

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    as long as you keep training and eating right, your always going to gain....just not as much as you are on a cycle......pct is to get your natural test back up to normal as quickly as possible, which in-turn saves your gains...

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    Keep up your calories or add more, train and rest, add creatine to your pwo shakes, use lr3igf1 in your pct(60mcg post work out, 60mcg in the am on non-training days)... You should still gain if you follow these suggestions.

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