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    fina junkie question

    i just purchased 20 cc bottle of cyrus lab trenabol how do you use that in a cycle a guy told me that u could use it every 3 days please help

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    Why are you buying stuff you dont even know how to use???

    You have lots to learn, and I would start by reading the profile for fina-Trenbolene Acetate. Then after that keeping searching for information either on this forum or the internet in general. Not trying to flame you bro, you will just learn alot more about this game by doing the researching yourself, the answers are all there, you will become so much more educated if you take the time to research! Good luck to you brother!

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    yea def read up some more on what exactly your going to be injecting into your body.. How many cycles have you done? Is this your first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannibal
    Why are you buying stuff you dont even know how to use???
    This question seems to apply to about 40% of the threads in the steroid forum these days.

    It's a pity I tell ya.


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    whats the matter with kids these days.

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    Read this, it should help a bit.

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    bro i hope is has a long shelf life. your going to need to put that big boy a way for a long time.

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