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    Question Deca 25 & 50mg vs. 100mg...whats the difference?

    Hey, got a deca question...Im living in Tokyo right now so its perfectly legal to import AS and I got a great pharmacy that has pretty big selection of the "for human consumption" AS. But for some reason they only carry their deca in 25, 50mg/ml amps both made by organon. Im only familar with the 100mg/1 ml by organon. Which I usually take at about 300mg a week. So, I asked a buddy of mine about why the mgs were so low. He said that type of deca is more of a cutter version of deca...used like a primo, masteron , or eq in your cycle...he also said it was faster acting. So, Im wondering if anyone has had experience using the 25 or 50mg deca? And what was your weekly dose for how many weeks, that you say best results?

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    its probably nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP) its got a shorter half life so it is absorbed by the body faster and consequently leaves the body faster. i would use 100mg version. the 25 and 50mg versions are a pretty low dosage for a male.

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    no its nandrolone decanote with the same half life but in form of 25 & 5o mg

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    its just lower dosed. same drug, same effect. youd just have to shoot a hell of a lot more oil. get the 100 and tell your buddy he is a silly goose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hosam4ever
    no its nandrolone decanote with the same half life but in form of 25 & 5o mg
    If it's nandrolone decanoate then it's not worth it, 25mg is too low and u have to shoot a lot of it in order to reach 300mgs or more!! I agree with the others, your buddy don't know shit.

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