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    AAS to HGH/IGF-1

    Why do people begin using HGH/IGF-1 vs. the common AAS? Do they go to GH when AAS no longer work for them?

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    AAS inrease the size of muscle fibres

    HGH & IGF-1 have been shown to increase the number of muscle fibres

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    Older people tend to go to GH who have previously done many AAS cycles

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    Wish I had some HGH and IGF-1

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    Like posted above, hGH and IGF promote hyperplasia (new mucle cells). People often cycle between AAS and these peptide hormones to complement what each other does i.e. new cells/fibres (IGF) and these fibres adding to increased musculature (AAS). Also the 2 can be used in tandem to accomplish both at once, or you can use peptide hormones during PCT to help retain gains, or during long periods when your not on AAS like after a 16weeker for example.

    Other reasons for peptide use could be to help in rejuvenation (hair, skin, joints etc) for quality of life, or because some of us here are tested athletes who need something undetectable in sports drug tests.

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