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    HELP! Can too much BA cause infection looking problems?

    Okay guys, first off let me say, every time I inject ass I almost always get a lump because of the amount of oil (3ml) and the speed of injection i suppose. Never a big deal as I've never had any problems to speak of over a couple years.

    Also, I have homebrewed a few times, filtering with .22 whatmans and all the gear I've made has never had problems. This time, I wanted to make a high dose test, something around 400mg/ml of enth, so I used 15% BB and a fairly high 5% BA. I made 40mL of this stuff, so I'm in an interesting position here, in two ways.

    I injected 2ml of this mix for the first time saturday night around 6pm along with 1ml of a commercial tren . Sunday as usual there was no lump yet, and monday it started to form a fairly large lump as I usually get and started to get sore. Last night though (wednesday), it looked a light pink (like someone slapped my ass), but not really hot to the touch and the lump has remained the same size. It's pretty painful as I expected because of the Benzyl Alcohol but i'm now concerned about infection, because this was my first injection of this new mix.

    First off, I don't know what to do about this possible infection. I now have a placebo effect possibly where I THINK it might feel warm but im not sure, and the shade of pink seems pretty light. I'm not sick, and my body temps have remained normal. Is there anyway to tell if I have an infection, and If i do what exactly will the doctor do? I've heard horror stories of being split wide open to drain the lump and then kept open to let it heal. Secondly, what should I do with the test I've made. It's a considerable amount and i'm 6 weeks into my cycle (i made two bottles) without any other form of test. I'm getting worried as to what I should do for my next injection for my right ass cheek too? thanks a bunch.

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    ok based on my experience u dont have an infection. one sign of an infection is some massive headaches.

    IMO the bump and swellin is caused by the high BA content. i would reccomend diluting it some with some b12 or just plain oil

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