This is going to be my second cycle. I did my first cycle last summer. It was

Test e 300 mg week for 13 weeks
Equipose 500 mg week for 12 weeks

After the cycle and post cycyle treatment I came away with about 10 solid pounds gained. What I learned is that was not enough test but a good summer cutting cycle.

My next cycle for this winter will be a bulking cycle. Im currently 6'1" and weigh 215 pounds. I have been training for 8 years and my nutrition is solid. Im not sure what my bf % is but it is low. I plan on getting it tested in a dunk tank before and after my cycle.

So here is the cycle

Test Prop 100 mg ed for wk 1-4
Test E 500 mg wk for 1-14
Equipose 400 mg wk for 1-13
Test Prop 100 mg ed for wk 14-16
nolvadex throughout and clomid post starting week 16 for 3 weeks

I did my research before posting this cycle and I would like any imput anyone might have before starting.