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Thread: avandia

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    I have some avandia 4mg. tabs, 170 of them. Read on internet helps body use own insulin , would this help post workout to push more into muscle, I don't know thank you

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    Yes, but take it before w/o so it'll be in your system when you drink your post w/o shake


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    Unfortunately these drugs (actos and avandia) don't work "instantly" the way say insulin or metformin does so it doesnt matter if you take it pre or post workout, it wont do anything. For these drugs to work they work at the cellular level and they take at least 4 weeks to alter insulin sensitivity. After about 12 weeks they'll be at their max effect and then these pills should be taken daily, regardless of when you eat or when you work out.

    BTW, avandia raises LDL and TG levels, actos might be a better option if you are on AAS so as to not raise that risk.

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