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    steroid question

    If almost all the gains of D-Bol is lost after using it (4 weeks).....

    And a test cycle is 12 weeks..........

    What difference does the D-bol make at the END of a cycle???

    Why jump start if your gains will be lost when the test kicks in??

    Just wondering whats the point, besides MENTAL confidence and preperation.

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    you start making your test gains when the d-bol wears off. You won't lose your gains because the test will take over. If you do test with it and proper pct than you can keep a lot of your gains. you will just lose the water weight.

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    IMO, weight and strength gains with dbol are some muscle and some water. The water is lost with cessation of the dbol. Kickstarting your cycle with dbol makes sense because, it gets things off and running while waiting for the longer esters to kick in. As the water from the dbol is shed any remaining muscle from the dbol will have another 8 or more weeks to solidify if you will. Hopefully your body will adapt and accept the new muscle and even add to it with the administration of the testosterone .

    People often judge their gains by weight and strength increase only. The water comes and goes and it never really was a gain as far as muscle goes. The water does increase strength but it also was not what I would consider to be a "real gain."

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    use it for 4 weeks at the beginning of your cycle, then for 2 weeks after finishing your cycle, if you cant get any prop - try it, and tell us how it went.

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