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    Really Low Free Test level, Need Help

    About two months ago I had my test levels taken when I had a physical done at my doctors. My free test level came bact at 97. He said this was remarkably low. I hadn't cycled in over a year since the date of the bloodwork.

    My past cycle history involved 2-3 fairly low dosed cycles of var/winstrol /1-tu and a test prop cycle all followed by Clomid PCT. During the time of the bloodwork I was under immense stress and also had a sever opiod dependency.

    I've heard that morphine and other opiates can suppress testosterone production. My doctor told me to not worry because I was having no trouble with sex drive, lethargy or energy levels. I felt normal and there was no testicular atrophy ever on any cycle. Could this be a fluke test? I am wondering what could of caused this low level, and whether it is possible to just have a naturally low level of free test?

    I am also wondering whether it would be possible for me to do a quick tren /prop cycle followed by doctor prescribed clomid and HCG post cycle considering i would see him and have bloodwork repeated at the end of this cycle. I would plan on doing the tren at 150 mg/eod and prop 120 mg/eod for 8 weeks. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Try a couple months of a Tongat Ali/ Trib terrest suppliment...its available in combonation now, just hard to get....

    I really don't think an As cycle w/ PCT would help your situation....
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    im just curious, with such low free test levels do you notice any type of mucsle mass loss? or do you still make gains and/or keep your muscles?

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    I had not worked out for over 6 months due to my addiction problem.. Over that period I did lose a significant amount of muscles mass and strength. But once I resumed a workout schedule I began to experience gains and strength increases as usual. Does anyone know how low 97 is on the free test scale? My doctor said that if I had a testosterone problem I would be exhibiting signs of low test and I haven't been.

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