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    yeah right

    **** man...just ****!

    What is it about the American media that allows it to shape and mold all of it's listeners and viewers into believing every ****ing word or image relayed? Why do people care so much about celebrities? Because of who they are as a person, or because of how they are portrayed on television? How do the majority of people learn about steroids ? From the media's view or from real life experience? Well, because the majority of steroids being sold in gyms to guys here in the US are ****ing fakes and the majority of US citizens don't take steroids, it has become an underground situation and few real hard facts are known about steroid use in general...of course the media can say anything they want...they can ****ing say that Bat-boy was a byproduct of steroid abuse or that Vin Diesel has a ****ing pencil dick due to abuse or what ****ing ever...but the fact remains that...

    "I woke up screamin' "**** the World!""

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    You wouldn't happen to be on tren , would you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbadbootydaddy
    You wouldn't happen to be on tren , would you?

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    man, that is one hell of a disposition.... just take all that shiit with a grain of salt bro, and worry about yourself

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