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    Hey every1 I need advice and opinions Please!!

    Alright i always come here and get great help and am not shy of asking anything because most of the time people are trying to help

    Let me start off with saying im very depressed - i have had a serious history with it but the last couple of years it has been bad...

    I use to weigh 225 but i tore my acl and miniscus and lost 20lbs clean weight i was looking very solid despite not doing legs i was at 205 i lost a little strength but dropped body fat 3 percent and i was at 10 percent but looked pretty cut - then finally i had my surgery on my acl and i lost 20 more lbs. im currently 185 and its 3 weeks after my surgery and i started lifting again but im so depressed every1 at the gym just continues to point it out - my bench is so weak its almost embarassing to lift around every1 well to make a long story short im dying to do another cycle but i want to be decently smart and safe - i asked my surgeon when i can and he simply replied with never and told me hes not going to give me any date and doesnt even think i should take creatine so i am coming here for your advise

    im planning in another month maybe does that sound OK?? ive done 2 cycles in the past and here is what i want to do for my next

    Test Prop 1-14 50mg E/D
    Fina 1-6 75mg E/D
    Deca 1-10 200mg/Week (just to keep my joints loose)
    Winstrol 7-12 50mg E/D

    Nolva and b12 throughout - PCT includes nolva b12 clomid and HCG
    Ill be taking many vitamins such as a a multivitamin - glucosamine - milk thistle - CLA - Coral Calcium - Flax Seed - CoQ10 - Fish Oil and Lecithin

    What do people think about the winny could that be hurtfull for my knee - are winny tabs more safer for my joints? probably a stupid question - i have always been agaisnt winny but the more i hear how much people swear by it and the more im reading on how effective it is for athletes im def. willing to try it other than the possibilty being dangerous to my knee

    Also i know the deca is low but im only using it to keep my knee in shape i know deca will be good for it

    Another thing ive never done a cycle when i didnt do legs so how much worse will my gains be - i see people at the gym not doing legs and still grow pretty decently and i know ill do legs when i can and get them up to par eventually

    And one last thing - should i use test ent. throughout maybe like 250mg or 500mg or will Test Prop be enuff??

    So every1 feel free to put in ur opinions i read every1s very carefully and will be sure to respond every so often throughout the day because its very important to me to look good i know as pathetic as it sounds but i have felt very disgusting to the point i leavemy house now only to go to the gym at a quiet time and im really avoiding every1 - i dont want this to become a serious problem im going to start seeing my therapist again but i think the juice maybe the only thing that will help me... Please maybe sum1 out there can share an experience while juicing on an injury

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    hey bro its great to hear that your surgery went well & dont say pathetic your not pathetic you are just want to look better & there is no shame in that but i think before starting any roids get your diet in check for a while & try to gain from it naturally am not goin to say hey roids wont make you big no they do make you big but your food intake must come first, second thing is think you should wait till your surgeon tell you your clear to go & take anything i dont want you to risk anything he even said no creatin so i think its smart to wait till your fully cleared to use anything, 2 more things 1st thing is screw the ppl dont care about what they say you just go there & do your thing you dont owe anything to anybody, last thing is i think when you are going to start a cycle i think its smart to stay away from winny & eq those 2 as i know hard on the joints & i think deca is good for the joints but am not saying this bro so you can go & jump on a cycle am just saying that so when you start your cycle in the future just give it time till your doc clear you to use anything & if you got any questions i'll be happy to help.

    good luck,

    ][-][ ][-][ ][-][

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    alright thanx alot im going to have to have a serious talk with the surgeon tho because he just continues to say never take anything i need to explain that i have in the past and i will in the future but i need a safe time period if he could do that for me then i think the question will be solved

    but thanx for the advice i will def. keep it in mind

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    Have you tried asking your physical therepist or how about a consultation with a sports medecine doctor. It sounds to me like the MD that your talking to is rather closed minded.

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    Wow... I would train naturally for a year or so. The strength gains from a cycle will be hard on your recovery.

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    ya i tried talkin to my physical therapist but he honestly said its my discion and couldnt advise me on any safe times because he didnt know much about it he did say anything over-the-counter seems ok to take...

    i cant just do it naturally at this point because my leg sucks and i cant lift legs and that was the biggest reason i ever go big - before when i was young and dumb i didnt do legs and didnt grow and didnt get strongers - once i started hittin the legs hard was when i started to see great results

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