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    Question reposted/please reply

    Im looking to mainly lose fat and increase my muscle mass but nothing to dramatic. Side effects are of worry to me as to everyone but I only want to do one cycle to give me the results i have been waiting for so long. I've been thinking about Deca Durabolin , Winstrol , or clenbuterol . Please direct me to the best product for my expected objectives.

    [email protected]'7 170lbs Med. Build/ Been Working Out For About 4yrs But Vacationed For Past Month And 1/2 And Ate Like King. I Usually Do Cardio 2-3 Times A Week And Strenghth Train W/full Body-workouts Each Day 3 Times A Week (every Other Day). I Dieted For 5 Months (1800-2000+ Cals Daily W/optimum Protein Intake I Assume.) And Exercised And Was Down To A Lean 150lbs Give Or Take 5lbs. I Will Start Training Again In Sept. But Not With Steroids Until Onset Of Winter And Im Up To Par. Im Just Starting To Reseach Steroids To Give Me The Boost In Results I Need. Not Sure How To Use Properly.need Guidance For Safe Outcome. Run Test?

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    It's good that you are doing research before you take the plung... trust me, you will save yourself money and your health if you understand what you are doing before you hit the juice. My advice would be to stick around here for a WHILE and fully absorbe what some of our knowledgable members have to offer. Deca is not a lean gainer imo, compared to many other compounds. TEst is very essential in most cycles and many of them willl give you variant results.

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    what you need to do is research for a first cycle. if you search for first cycle or test only cycle. you should find the info your looking for.

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    Bro, this site is full of info, like Justin said -stick around awhile and research.Many members on here are willing to give advise.Read,listen and you'll do fine--patients my Friend and good luck

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    ...See if this thread helps you out....

    Cycles for the Newbie
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    hey bro am glad that your are doing research before you stick yourself but i think you shouldnt do winny/deca combination i read before it can cause progesterone problems my advice for you is do your research then ask all you want & we will help.

    good luck,

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