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    Longer lasting Tren

    How benefitial would it be to toss in a bottle of the monger lasting Tren Enth., into a cycle? Say you had a 10ml bottle of 200mg Tren. Thanks bros.

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    .....Depends on your cycle experience, your stats, your goals, the compounds you're planning on running, the length of your cycle...Lots of variables...Post your info and you'll get plenty of feedback....
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    you need to put some thought into you ?????? we can not read minds

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    As the others said, cycle history, stats and yaddi-ya are needed to give you a fair answer...

    But if this is the first time you are to use tren , forget about tren-e for now.

    Tren is rough on your system and I would suggest one run at least 2 tren-a cycles to see how their body reacts to it and figure out the best dosing befor eeven considering tren-e.

    Tren-a being short estered is easy to discontinue or ajust on the fly if things get a little rough on you. You can fine-tune it on a daily basis.

    Tren-e on the other hand is a long ester and builds up in your system... if you mess up, overdose or simply cannot handle it you're in for several weeks of crap (fun stuff like not sleeping for a week or two, sweating like a pig 24/7, having no endurance ...) and nothing but time will make you feel better.

    Just my 2 cents


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    you would need more than 1 bottle of tren mate.

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