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    SpringsBridge7 Guest

    Quick question to anyone who has Anabolics 2005 Book

    I just got alot of Eurochem gear and the 10ml vials are brown, on eurochem's website the 10ml vials are clear. My source says that on eurochems site they are all clear but they are shown in Anabolics 2005 as a brown vial. I dont have the book, just wondering if someone who had it could look it up and see what color the vials are for their Decaject. I would get the book myself but time is a real issue whether i take a loss due to fake gear. I f someone could help me out i would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it.
    Thanks n Adv.

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Bump, anyone?

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    post pics in the steroid pic form.

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Alright, give me a few minutes. Digital camera's a little messed up.

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Ok pics are in the picture section,kinda shitty quality but checkem out.

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    Just looked up the picture of Eurochem's Decajet in Anabolics 2005. It shows a brown bottle.

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Thanks bro

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