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    questions on anti-bloat and anti-E

    starting a cycle in a week, usure which of these chemicals to use and when to start them: liquidex, letrozole , anastrozole, clomiphene, tamoxifen . any suggestions appreciated.

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    do yourself a favor and dont start until you know what you're doing. I dont know what cycle you're doing so i wouldn't know how to help you???

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    do urself a favor and research bro

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    Research.......then do some more. All the info you need is here. use the search button.

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    you should read all the profiles first then think of what anti-e will best fit your cycle.

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    Nolva is sweet. It does not eliminate estrogen but instead latches onto the receptors and acts as an extremely weak estrogen so that the "real" estrogens cannot get to the receptors. Nolva gives you many of the benefits of estrogen, such as improved HDL.

    An AI such as letrozole or anastrozole prevents test from aromatizing into estrogen. This is the big gun and should not be used generally unless you know you need to suppress the aromatization in order to control estrogen related sides. Of the two, letro is the more effective. Sometimes it is too effective, and knocks your estrogen levels into the dirt. It is useful in combatting an existing case of gyno, especially if it might be caused or partly caused by progestin type drugs such as tren or deca . The almost total absence of estrogen helps to control progestin gyno. Sometimes the normal treatments of B6 and cabergoline or bromo just won't do the trick. The problem is, with zero estrogen, you often have other problems, so you don't take this route as a matter of course, but only if needed.

    For your first cycle, you should have nolva on hand, but not use it until you see a need for it. That way, you can tell if you are very prone to gyno or not. Once you begin using nolva, you should continue it through the end of pct.

    Like everyone else said, without details on your cycle, we cannot make specific reccomendations.

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