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Thread: Hernia...???

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    Exclamation Hernia...???

    Today i noticed when i was walking up my stairs that there was some pulling pressure on my left testicle...and i was researching this for a while and im pretty sure it is a hernia...also sometimes when i walk or my body is in certain positions i can feel the pressure for a few seconds?............anyone here ever have a hernia surgery??? i think it came from doing incline dumb bell chest press yesterday.... i was doing my typical 85pounds and today i notice the senstation...and i dont know why...? i always use that weight when i hit upper chest? ....anyway if anyone has had a hernia here please tell me what its like and if its a serious surgery...........and if they put a tube in your dick while they perform the surgery cuz i ****in hate that shit i had my gall bladder removed at march and i woke up and i notcied a tube in my dick nad i almost choked the doc out...............

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    i thot i might have a hernia, it may be just a pulled muscle, my groin up into my pelvic muscle?(where ur pubes are) has been hurtin for 2 weeks and it hurts to do lunges without weights, ive had a friend who had a hernia so ill ask him about it

    just whereever tha pain ur having is, do whatever it is that hurts and feel around to see if something is pertruding tha skin, if so thats def. a hernia, could be a small one tho

    ill get back to you on it

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    My brother just had surgery for his hernia 2 weeks ago. It lasted 4 hours and he's now still recoverying. The doctor has advised him not to lift anything more than 20lbs for 4-6 weeks so that he can have a proper recovery... He's on pain medication and from he says... it sucks bros! Good luck!

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    Why don't you go get someone to touch your nuts and then you cough... high school physicals all over again!!

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    I have had a hernia and had the operation to fix it. Do the high school "cough" test. If you have a hernia, you will feel it, The whole thing moves. Do heavy squat. If you feel like someone kicked you in the nuts the next day, see a doc.

    The operation is painless-- you are put out completely. I don't know if they put a tube in my dick. They could have reamed me for all I know and cleaned up well, I'd be none the wiser.

    You need to take four to six weeks off completely, You will not be able to do anything for a day, but by day two you will be walking around. The hardest thing will be getting out of bed.

    After the operation take tons of Maalox. If you don't the abominal pressure of your first bowel movement will be enough to make a grown man cry.

    It is really no big deal, just hard to stay out of the gym that long.

    Good luck

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