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    Online doc perscriptions ?

    Whats up fellas? I know i posted this a few times but im gonna ask again. dose anyone know about those online docs out there for HRT? I heard u can get a prescription but they wont give u that much gear and there stuff is way expensive. Dose that link on this site here actually workout good for a source or is it just a wate of time and a waste of a $200 blood test?...well i'll be checkin this post and checkin my PM's too if any of u bros out there got some good advise.

    ........i lost my hook up and this frickin sucks tryin to get another

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    some gym somwhere
    Yes they do work !!

    you can contact oasis and speak with Keith and he will answer ANY questions you have

    You can PM me if you need to know any thing else

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    i love keith......hes my hero

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    Yep love Oasis and Keith, he worked good for me.

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