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Thread: Sus and Test E

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    crashing my boat

    Cool Sus and Test E

    Has anyone ran these together in any cycle? If so what were your results and at what dosages. Just started Sus 750 mgs and E 500 Mgs a week.. Thanks.

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    Why did you decide to run them together? They should be fine together but it is a little unusual unless you were trying to take advantage of the short esters in the sus.

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    there is test e in sust. id just stick to one or the other if i was u stack it with deca or EQ

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    I don't know...sounds like you'd bloat like a water balloon. Besides Test is Test. After this cycle I've decided that I'm not running shit but Prop. Fvck the wait and bloat.
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    just do 1000mg sustanon - 250mg eod or replace it with Test enth, you should grow like a weed.

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