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    1st shot..Legit or not? Pic included!

    Ok guys, I got some Tren Ace/Prop 100mg/100mg combo from Anabolic Pharms. Looks legit, it has a picture of a globe on it and a barcode with batch number and product contant information. I took my 1st shot this morning, and there was barely any pain. I keep hearing people say prop hurts like a mofo, but I don't feel much pain. Could I have goten fake gear?

    I attached they look legit? anyone every heard of anabolic pharms?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1st shot..a little worried-dsc00001.jpg   1st shot..a little worried-dsc00002.jpg   1st shot..a little worried-dsc00003.jpg   1st shot..a little worried-dsc00004.jpg  
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    Also, the color of the oil is pretty yellow. A lot more yellow than test-e. I also didn't get the tren cough or anything.
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    NOT sure bout the gear ure takin... but when i shot my sust...
    It went in easy... didn't hurt until the next day... man...
    now that was some pain... hell... lasted 3days...
    and till date ive taken 5 shots n each shot leaves me a lasting
    pain for about 3days...

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    i make my own tren .. but it never hurts, and out of the last 2 months, ive gotten the cough 2 times.. and i know mine isnt fake...

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    That's good stuff bro, used it with good results, no worries. I'm not sure what AP does different but the gear is the least painless I've used.
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    hey Du'

    a buddy of mine is using the tren Enath. an i stick em n he says its painless.... i also only use AP's shit...

    its gooooooooooooood stuff braaa
    ur good to go

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    the pain usually is felt the next day and u dont get the cough every time u inject.

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