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    3rd cycle options?

    I am on the planning stage of my third cycle and I am looking for imput.
    I don't want to run a mass cycle I got up to 260lbs last winter with the cycle I was on and I felt like iut was too much weight for me right now, and I put on a bit too much fat. I want to eat cleaner and run a lean mass cycle. I have got down ~ 235 and dropped the excess fat I gained, but lost strength in the process. I am going to get some more strength back in the next couple months and decide on a cycle.
    Option #1
    test E + var/ or winny
    Option #2
    tren + prop + var/winny
    Option #3
    test E + tren E + var/ or winny

    Or something similar. I am sort of scared by winny because I have some shoulder problems and I don't know how it would affect that.
    thanks guys

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    tren /prop/var gave me the best strength gains, add a good diet ti that and you should be able to gain some lean mass with fat loss


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