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    Thumbs down linebacker

    i started football practice now, i play linebacker and im totaly lost. i think the outside backers are called spurs, and the middle ones sam and will. or something like that. anyway im not sure what the calls mean. i know that alot of you guys here on ar play football, so i was wondering if you know anything about this. some are like something inside 3 something. and its realy confusing? could someone please help me out here, like what are some calls, and what do they mean. please anything would help. you could also pm me about this if you want. also mods, could you please not move this thread, i know that it doesent ask a question about steroids , but im taking steroids for football, and my question is about football. so please dont move it. thanks in advance guys.

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    Wrong forum bro, but I'm sure if they move it there are plent of knowledgable guys here who've played the position. I think LB33Blitz plays linebacker in college, I may be wrong. I'm sure there are some peeps who can help.

    Sam and Will are the outside line backers.
    Mike is middle line backers.

    I'm sure by 3 something they are calling out the alignment on the linemen such as, 1 2 being center and guard. 3 4 tackels, 567's tight ends.

    a gap like the hole between center and guard, b gap guard and tackle, c gap tackle and tight end.

    Don't take all my info to be 100% right, I haven't played football in years. Just trying to help a brother.

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    Ask your coach bro. It's his job to teach you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkv213
    Ask your coach bro. It's his job to teach you.
    Sounds more like high school varsity tryouts to me... Doesn't want to ask because that might show that he either is inexperienced or hasn't done his research.

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