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    Deca and Winnie Cylce

    I am taking a cycle of deca and winstrol and I was just wanting some advice on a work out regimen and a reccommended diet for me to gain muscle mass and lose fat. I am currently at 256 and am wanting to drop down to about 240 but be more cut and slim. I have begun jogging and using the eliptical alot so help cut the fat as well. Should I cut back on calories and not follow an anabolic diet?? I would really appreciate some help I am open to all suggestions to get me to my target weight.

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    its not a good idea to cut and bulk at tha same time and its not a good idea to run those 2 compounds w/o test in ur cycle b/c it will shut u down during cycle and it will be hard bringing ur test levels back up during pct, choose one (bulk/cut) then we can help u

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Its not good to cut and bulk at the same time, you dont have to take test with your cycle as long as you do pct. You run the same risk using test or non test after your cycle when it comes to getting your Natural test levels back up.Both test and deca or winny are ALL synthetic and your body shuts down natural test from both equally. Now back to the question choose either Deca or the winny and run with it. If your trying to lose fat and gain muscle, i would say go with deca on a good diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringsBridge7
    you dont have to take test with your cycle as long as you do pct.

    sure thing bro

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    What are you stats? We know weight but doesnt mean much without the BF% and height. What's you lifting experience? If you wanna lose weight but just now started dieting and doing cardio, I would wait a little longer before juicing. You can still lose a lot naturally.

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    not just you should put test in all your cycle the deca /winni combination is bad it may cause progesterone gyno high prolactin levels get some b6 to be save & please try to research before you do a cycle there is alot of infos & alot of bros who are willing to help on this site.

    good luck,

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    I am an ex college football player and my bf is probably around the 20 percent range. maybe a little less. I have lifted all of my life and just after starting my strength is coming back quickly. Basically what i am trying to do is just cut some fat and replace it with solid muscle mass. I dont really need to lose lbs. I am just trying to replace what i have. I have adjusted my diet by eliminating unneccessary fats and limiting my calories. I usually drop fat quickly once i start doing consistent cardio and i have been doing so for a few weeks. what kind of workouts do you guys recommend same for diets. I am a novice to all of this and i want to do it the right way. I have already begun shooting both the winnie and the deca and have been doing so for about a week. Should i increase my cardio to an hour to balance out the weightgain and the fat cutting?

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