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    MIN Length of Tren Cycle

    OK im about to start a prop, tren , winny cycle but i have a really quick question about the tren (fina) because i have never used it before.

    I purchased a 6 week amount but i was told to split it up into 2 different 3 week periods? is tren even going to be effective over a 3 week period? what is the minimum amount of time you would reccomend being on tren? i want to stay on it long enough to notice gains but i really dont to be on it longer than necessary because of the sides. notice gains in 3 weeks or should i do 6 straight?

    One more side question....should I start the prop AND the tren at the same time or start the prop before the tren?

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    min. 6 weeks, i wouldnt split 2 3 week cycles

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    i would start the prop one week before the tren this will insure the test is kicking in before the tren has a chance to shut you down

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    dont split it run the straight 6 weeks

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    Who the hell told you to split it to 3 weeks....tards! Go six straight could of gone 8 without a problem but six will work.

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