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    Mixing Winny and Prop

    When those of you that mix your winny and prop in the same syringe which one do you draw out of the bottle first. Do you shake it up. I tried to do this and drew the oil first and than the winny. It looked like 2 white wads floating in the syringe. I shook it up and it made the whole syringe a white mix. Is it better to leave the winny in the "wads" or to break them up by shaking it.
    By the way the shot I did yesterday is killing with pain today.

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    i dont really think it matters which one you should draw first because i used to do susta & b12 in the same syringe to kill the susta pain & when i inject it the water based b12 get injected first then the oil but i dont know about the winny i used to shake the winny in the vial before i draw it i dont really think it will make much difference if you shake it in the syringe.

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    Doesn't matter as long as it's all going into the muscle

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