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    All you who have used Primobolan cycle Help ?

    Iam about to start my cycle but iam wondering if its worth it to buy PRIMOBOLAN 100mg/ml, 10ml vial by BritishDragon, and get 5 bottles of it and run 400mg for 12 week or is 400 to low would i need more ? Or should i just stick to reg ENANTHATE Iran and run that to a gram in peak?
    on top of that iam gonna use

    400 deca mg 10 weeks
    dbol 1-4 weeks
    winny 50mg bd tabs 8-12

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    400 mg primobolan plus 400mg deca its a god dose there is no need more but the only problem is that you need test or else you will be shut down badly with 400mg deca!! you need atleast 750mg test weekly with the other 2 so that you will not get deca dick!!!! if you are planing to cut use test p instead of test e

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