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    Square Light Blue Pills, 50, are they proviron?

    Appologies for posting twice... I posted this in the Fake Sertoid Pictures forum... but this seems to be the most active forum.

    I have what I've been told is Proviron from ######. The pills are Light Blue, Square, and have #### (with a score down the middle between the # and #), and 50 on the other side.

    I can't find anything on Proviron on the ######### site, or any pills that look like this (well they look like the Anabol pills, but those are green).

    Is it legit?

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    still waitin for an answer,,,,

    does anyone have it

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    edit the ugl name man
    then youll get an answer

    visit their website to check up on it or post a pic

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    YES, please edit the names of the labs and initials out of your post

    Sounds like proviron , but hard to tell without pics

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    Edited...Read the rules please

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