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    Need some cycle advise

    Hello, im glad to have come across this forum today. Anyway I need some advise on doing a cycle. Ive been working out since I was 16 (14 years now) and currently 5'8 235lbs @ 18% bodyfat. This is what I have to work with,

    3 amps of sustonan 250 1cc each

    3 amps od Deca 2cc bottle 2ML 400mg I belive

    6 amps of Winstrol 50mg

    and 40 tabs of clomid 25mg
    Over the past 3 weeks I have done 1 amp of sustanon 250 and 1 amp of deca 400mg per week for the past three weeks. Im wondering if I should start tapering the dosage down, also when should I start taking the clomid.

    Another thing to add is my wife wants to take clomid as she read it will make he tits grow, is this true? I have her doing 1 cc of sustanon 250 per week for 6 weeks.

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    Well now.......3 amps of Sus won't get you anything. It takes about 3 weeks before it begins to kick in, so by the time you run 1 amp a week - you're already out of gear.

    I know you've already started, but I'm going to be honest - this cycle is basically screwed. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you didn't do much reserach before you started injecting yourself, did you?

    Why is your wife doing an amp of Sus ?????? What are her stats ??? How is she doing 1 amp for 6 weeks when you said you have only 3 amps - or is that what you have and she has her own stash?

    My advice - stick around and learn some more. Have an idea in mind of what you wish to accomplish with your next cycle and make it right.

    Tapering down doesn't do much anymore. That was back in the days when things like clomid wasn't available and people tried to get their natural test levels back up easily. For post cycle you'll need 25 (twenty-five) 50 mg pills of clomid I think is what it comes out to be. Start taking them 2 weeks after your last shot. 300 mgs (12 pills) the first day, 100 mgs (8 pills) for 6 days after that, and 50 (4 pills) for 7 days after that.


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    my advice is stop now, research, get what you need, then start...and yyyyy is your wife on testosterone

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    I need to clarify, I purchased 12 amps of sust 250, and 6 amps of 400mg deca along with 40 tabs of 25mg clomid. I initially planned on stacking 500mg of sust per week with 400 mg of deca per week for 6 weeks. My wife who works out with me wanted to try somthing so I relented and gave up half of my sust for her to use over 6 weeks. We started the cycle 3 weeks ago, I have taken 3 amps of sust and 3 amps of deca over the past 3 weeks, so I am now half way through. The stuff is working as my bench went up from 350 to 405 since ive started, I can feel it working for sure. My wife has also been seeing results in strength and size. We both have half of our stash left, is there something wrong with her being on sust 250, her dosage is so small I didn't feel there would be a problem with it. I have barely used in the past so I felt me receptors wouldn't need the full dosage of 500mg per week of sust. Anyway, my wife is 5'6 135lbs and 21% BF and 28 years if age. Should I get her off the sust and maybe give her the winny instead? I plan on being here a long time to learn more, but I really dont want to stop taking stuff half way through when im getting good results now.

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