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    Question I Have A Question

    what is a really good cycle for around 4 weeks with D-bol ? could any one help me ?

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    test-e for around 12 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuanhuynh007
    what is a really good cycle for around 4 weeks with D-bol ? could any one help me ?
    Sorry bro, there is no such thing as a "really good" 4 week dbol cycle.

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    Test E or test C for a beginner cycle, and nothing else with the test. 300 to 500mg/week is a good dose. Run it for 10 to 12 weeks. Split your dose up into two shots per week. Begin pct two weeks after your last shot. If you don't know what pct is already, then you do not know enough to begin. Read up. Use the "SEARCH" control. Not only do you not want a dbol -only cycle, but you don't even want to run dbol WITH your first cycle, or any other oral, for that matter. Test is best!

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