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Thread: Not Gaining???

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    Not Gaining???

    Sup guys? I have been on my cycle for almost 2 weeks now and I havent seen any gains, I mean my strength has gone up but I havent gained any weight. Now I do have a little fat around the mid section can I be converting that into muscle and just not seeing a weight change. Im taking in around 300g of protien a day through meals and shakes so I thought I should be seeing a weight increase, or have I just not givin my gear enough time to kick in?
    my cycle
    1-6 dbol 30mg a day
    1-12 sus 500mg a week eod

    My source is good and I feel stronger and im getting good pumps so im sure the gear is good. Should I up my dbol intake they are the British Registery, not sure if I need more mgs or more PATIENCE.

    thanks for the help guys

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    If your feeling the pump and getting stronger then I wouldnt worry at this point. When the sus really kicks in your weight will go up.

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    You wont start seeing results until about week 4. You should see small amount of weightgain after 2 weeks from the dbol

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    Bro... Take it Eeeeaaaseee!!!!! lol you aint gonna see gains until week 6. actually maybe 4 from the dbols th9o

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    Your seeing strength gains from the dbol at the minute, you wont see the sus kick in until about week 4 or 5. Patience bro

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    i dont start so see gains till week 5.

    it all takes time, just keep on track and keep your diet in check.

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