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    Gains from Test only

    What sort of gains have people seen from using Test only?

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    ive used test-e only for 10 weeks and i gained about 10 lbs...the thing is a lot of it is water...i personally dont like test ONLY cycles...IMO

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    The gains depend mostly on ,the individual/genetics/training/diet and rest. Not AS.

    Good gains can be made if training/rest and most importantly diet is in check.

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    with test-only, longer cycles will result in better kept gains. The reason is, in a shorter cycle, a higher proportion of the gains are water, which of course is only temporary. The water gains peak after a few weeks and from then on, additional water gains are an insignigicant part of your total gains.

    If this is your first cycle, test-only is the way to go. I won't list all the reasons here, but it is. 10 to 12 weeks is long enough, so you don't need the added complication of hcg . Your next test cycle could be longer, 16 or 18 weeks, with hcg. The simple version is an important first step. It teaches you a lot, and particularly it teaches you how you react to test. Each time you cycle, add no more than one new drug to your stack, so you have an idea of what each one does, and don't have to guess what is doing what to you.

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    my first cycle was sust250 on its own, i found i had good strength and muscle gains from it

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    most people can gain 20 pounds in 14-16 weeks. when your done with pct you should be able to keep 15 with good diet.

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    i did test only first cycle and gained a solid 20lbs. actually went from 192lb to 220lb at my heaviest but couldn't seem to keep that weight and finished cycle at 213-214lb. almost a month after finishing pct im now at 209lb, although i did lose some muscle and put some fat on. next time i might try clen during pct to help keep the fat off.

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