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    Question finaplix shots in shoulders?

    When I start taking finaplix with test e, I'm thinkin of shootin the fina in my shoulders, although I've yet to stray from my ass, which has been loyal and forgiving. Will I experience any problems besides soreness from shoulder injections. Any change in gauge for my shoulder shots? Also, how much faster, if at all, will my gains be in my shoulders, if they are the injection site?The test e will be shot in my buttocks....

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    If youre finaplix is painless then you shouldnt get any pain in your delt. You can use a 1" pin for delt. You wont receive any gains atall in youre shoulder from the injection. AAS are not site enhancing

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    25g 5/8 for shoulders. A shoulder shot is different then any other shot. They all feel about the same.

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    i have hit every mid to large size muscle in my body and they all work the same some may have a little more soreness than others. like right at the pin hole. are you using home brew? that may play a part in the feeling you get. i had a buddy who mburned his home brew when trying to dissolve the pellets and he said it had a little more burn to it when he injected.

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