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Thread: 1st time

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    1st time

    Been doing some research and thinking about just doing 1 cycle of Deca to start off.....I read that it works well stacked with others such as Dbol ....and that it is always a good choice to go with a Test....

    Week 1-8 Deca (200-400 mg)
    injecting: Monday morning/Thursday evening
    Week 9-12 PCT

    I know i've posted before and some of you guys get annoyed and keep tellin me to research and i thank you for that im just postin to get some general information and just add tomy knowledge cause I one day will be doin this and it might be soon so I just wanna get up to date with everything cause you guys know your stuff. Thank you lots.

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    you obviously havent been doing research that hard. if you were, you would see that 99% of the guys here would tell you to add some form of testosterone when running deca . IMO, testosterone only would be best for a first cycle, however i have no idea on what your stats are (if you're even ready for steroids in the first place) read the deca profile in the profiles forum.

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    Yes I agree you obviously havnt done enough research, stay around this board for a while and you will learn things, then you will be ready for a cycle

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