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Thread: m1t-dbol

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    ok people i'm really confussed here i see sh!t about m1t-all the time-a pro hormone i know -i'm not trying to be real stupid here so bare with me please! but how can on 1 hand the posts read- never do ia d-bol only cycle because you will lose your gains because of water , its very taxing on the liver -- but also in the same sense we see m1t is very taxing on the liver- you should do pct with it then we will see , dont do m1t -if your afraid of pins just do d-bol . it was one of the post's put on the m1t post early --thank you i look forward to everyones input

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    if ur going to do something illegal to aid u in growth, why not take tha real thing?

    u wouldnt run an only dbol cycle
    but u can run an only m1t cycle

    if it were up to me i wouldnt use m1t b/c its hard on ur liver just like dbol, dbol is mainly used to jump start cycles

    edit: almost forgot, dbol by its self u will lose all of ur gains, but still, pro-hormones, go w/ some test
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    IMO, dump that and get some test. Trust me you'll never think of oral crap again.

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