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Thread: Paper Gear...

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    Paper Gear...

    Just wanted to know what you think about the stuff. Please weigh bros.

    Although the majority of active ingredient is absorbed into the paper itself some of the active ingredient remains in powder form and some residue may fall away when the squares are cut.

    There will almost certainly still be slight discrepancies between squares measured under laboratory conditions.

    Perhaps part of the legacy left to us by the late steroid guru Dan Duchaine was the role he played planting the seed that has since been developed into what we now know as Paper Anabolics.

    The basic idea was simple; to find a method by which certain anabolic steroids could be transported globally in such a way as to increase a customer’s chances of receiving their order safely.

    Picture two envelopes:

    Envelope “A” contains 1000 tablets of Anabol 5mg (i.e. 5000mg Methandienone)

    Envelope “B” contains a sheet (500 squares) of PaperBol 10mg (i.e. 5000mg Methandienone)

    Imagine the feel of Envelope “A”; the weight, the thickness, the uneven feel of the grooves and dips between each tab, not to mention what may or may not show up should the envelope pass through x-ray.

    Now visualize picking up Envelope “B” that has possibly a tenth of the weight; thin as a regular letter, and flat as a pancake.

    If your job was to randomly select and scrutinize mail, which envelope would you be more likely to question, Envelope “A” or Envelope “B”?

    If you were looking to order Methandienone through the post, which one would you feel more at ease waiting on, Envelope “A” or Envelope “B”?

    It’s unlikely that any method of sending AS will ever be totally foolproof (as long as certain governments continue to prohibit our freedom of choice in this area), all the same, if Dan is looking down from that great gymnasium in the sky we’re more than confident that he would just as pleased as countless others are at having safely received their orders of Paper Products.

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    I heard his stuff works very well but I never used it.
    Let us know your results if you try.

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    your fridge
    Some report better gains with paper products then with tabs. Next cycle is going to consist of paper products.

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