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    Are most homades legit?

    Recently lost an awesome source for homade stuff. Last source was off the chain(a little pricey but dependable). Got him thru a friend and was sceptical at first about legitimacy but man was I impressed. I hate playing the wondering game, but it is a risk you take. Are most homade guys reliable? You would think they are. You couldnt beat the volume or dosages with a stick(ex. 20cc/400mg eq). Also got the liquid/oral winny(50mg/ml) and was highly impressed. Are most homade sources the same and more dependable? Also had a middle man, which may explain pricey but what are friends for?
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    what is homade?

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    Homebrew is homemade. I think dependability goes as far as the persons knowledge about brewing AAS themselves. I would be more concerned about steritility. Who cares about dependability if you get an absess? I will say that it's cheaper then buying vet or otherwise. Personally, I would go for a good UG lab then someone who's a friend of a friend who claims to know how to make AAS. UGL's are, in all respects, a business.

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    It's pretty easy to check their refs. I suggest you do research on your new friend. If they are reliable then chances are others can ref them.

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    It is a good habit to always filter gear of possible doubtful quality. I always filter my own homebrew twice. You could blow out a filter and not realize it. Two passes through two different filters is a nice bit of safety redundancy. I have shot a good bit of homebrew in the last year or so and no probs with sterility at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MER
    It's pretty easy to check their refs. I suggest you do research on your new friend. If they are reliable then chances are others can ref them.
    exactly, check refs but make sure they are board members and not just random email addy's which can turn out to be them.

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