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    juast a question

    wat do u all think a bout kids taken roids iz it bad lik around the age of 16 to 18 iz it 2 young and wat are some negatives bout it.Thanx

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    Geezus man, If you cant even spell then you should not even be thinking of a cycle. LOL just kidding!

    16-18 is too young IMO, You have your own natural test levels that can do just as much at that age. At age 16-18 you should be learning how to properly diet and train.

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    Canada Ehh...
    I totaly agree with abstract. there is no need for roids at 16-18.
    you asked about some of the negatives, one of the biggest concerns
    is closeing growth plates before you are fully developed.
    but the list is long

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    reading that was like deciphering hieroglyphics! i would assume a large risk factor would be that many younger kids are not too concerned about thier health. how many 16 year-olds do you know that get thier bloodwork done between cycles?

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