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    what is the best thing to do

    Do you think that it isnt a good idea for my 2 cousins taking 'which are 16 and 17' are taking deca -durabolin and dianabol , they are not careless though, they go get bloodtest and take post cycle meds and the nessesary precautions and dont abuse they use reasonable doses. Do you guys think it's iight for them to be using these roids.Thanx

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    what the **** they r 2 young 4 doing roids they can grow naturaly & with amino,powders & creatine let them stop using them until the age of 20 at least

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    16 and 17 no no no no

    and a deca d/boll stack dam thay are going to find it hard to recover from this cycle

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    good way to screw your body up at a real young age... besides being way to young, that cycle sucks balls.... it will shut down there naturally high test production. no reason to use at that age, just lift hard and eat right and u will grow..

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