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    Multiple Q's about T-3, ECA and clen...

    Its my understanding your run t-3 during your cylce until pct...what does it do?
    What is a good ECA Stack and how long should it be taken for?...also the same for clen how much and for how long?
    side effect from any of this stuff?

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    Canada Ehh...
    t-3 is a thyroid hormone. it increases metabolisim to burn more fat. it also eats muscle in the prosess. that is why it it a good idea to use it while on cycle.
    ECA = ephedren, caffeen, asprin. many premades are around.
    clen is tappered up to around 150mcg/day depending on side effects.
    it can be used 2 weeks on 2 off or run strait for 6 weeks with useing ketofin every second week

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    thanks man. any links you could give me for good ECA stacks? does ARR have it?

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