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Thread: attn mods

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    Question attn mods

    I have been on this website for several months now, and someone from the msg. board emailed me a source, but only after a couple of e-mails. so i was wondering how i could verify this internet site with a mod? i dont like the idea of getting scammed, and i was scammed once, for about $200.00 thanks guys! -joe-

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    sources never come to u, u have to find them, scammers find you tho

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    canecorso is offline New Member
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    every true!

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    ill second that

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    ignore any pm's or emails like that.

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    i kind of disagree although it is rare for a source to come to you i have a few bros help me out and lead me to some sources. Your best bet is to pm mods and getthe source checked by them. you mentioned it is a website which in many cases i found mods won;t even touch. (when i had a website source everynoe said they woudn;t deal with websites and coudnt; help out.)

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    magicstick has a goodpoint...i was also pointed in the right direction by a couple of good bros. the thing is a good source will not find you, you have to find them...if you think this may be legit than check with mods and make sure you just dont go jumping into anything

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    true....i was also led to my source by a few people on here...a few people actually told me about the same person....i do agree with the website though....i dont mess with them...i learned my some fake shit once

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    scrw websites

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    Not all websites are scams! But most of them are. If you do a froogle search or a google search for example and you come across something, and you decide to buy from it, chances are extremely high it is a scam.

    However the few legit sources with websites are CERTAINLY not going to be found on a simple google search. As FBallHoss said they are not going to come to you. You have to look for them. Some sources do not even like to have too many new clients too fast, because they fear it could be someone undercover looking to set up an investigation.

    If you get a PM on an open forum like this one with a price list and an email, chances are just about 100% it is a scammer looking for newbies.

    The point in reality in the USA there are most likely thousands of legit sources, but it is not necessairly easy to find them. Since no one knows exactly how many domestic sources there are , and since many of them are not located on an actual website, it's hard to say exactly. But there are many.

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