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    need help with cycle

    need a little help here. trying to start a cycle and haven't messed with it in a while. this is what i have on hand. 15cc rev-b 50mg, 10cc 200mg qv teston cyp, 20 cc finaplix , 20cc 300mg deca qv, 20cc stanz qv, and about 30 tabs of taoxate (nolvadex ). and i know i need a pct. so i would like to add that in. i don't have to take everything just wondering what would be a good mass building and ending it with a cutting cycle. i'm about 5'7" 170 and pretty cut already. by the way this is not my first cycle. and i don't want to over due it.


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    you need more test. run the ref-b, teston and get some eq. run it for 13-15wks and youll build lean mass throughout the cycle. you wount need to cut at the end.

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