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    User Experiences on Drol

    I've just started taking drol at around 90mg/day + 500mg test e/week, its been 3 days now. I'd like to know how long for drol users to see results, and what kind of sides they experienced. Usually it takes me 6-7 weeks to see any results with any long-ester test, but I've heard of gains of up to 20lbs in 2 weeks time from drol alone? I've also read in well known steroid reference book that the hairloss with drol doesn't reverse, which I don't think is 100% true.

    Anyways, user experiences with drol... anyone?

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    I am about to start a drol cycle and have the same questions........ Man would I love to have 20lbs in 2 weeks.... I would be happy with 20lbs in a cycle let alone in 2 weeks

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    I ran some BD drol for 3 weeks.. It was the second week when I noticed more pumped workouts.. everything felt tighter.. little more ripped looking..... I ran 100/ed. I liked it!!!

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    drol hits fast, one week. like any oral fast acting, i see it come on fast, at those doses, if your not a heavy cycler, should show very fast... keep us posted weekly!

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    I notice results within a couple days. The pumps start almost immediately and are insane. Weight and strength gains are very quick to come on. If using drol for the first time I would have started at a little lower dosage personally. I've noticed excellent results just from taking 50mg a day and never gone higher then 100 after using it repeatedly.

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    20 pounds is great...but its definately a lot of water......if you are trying to clean bulk and look good while bulking....its not the best choice...but if you are a hard gainer its great......its also good for anti-catibolic agent out that with winny and you are golden.

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    Hey Latimus, just wanted to know how drol is good for cutting? I'm about to do a cycle with it and test. Maybe put tren or winny with it.

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