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    HCG Plan, need input

    This is the cycle I am planning:
    Test E 500mg/week weeks 1 - 12
    Tbol 50mg/day weeks 1 - 5
    ldex .25mg eod
    Nolva 10mg eod throughout, upped to 20mg/day during pct
    Clomid in the 300(day 1)/100 method for pct (altered Pheedno's method).
    Ldex .25mg ed during pct
    Letro on hand.

    Plan to run HCG at 1000ius/day for 10 days after last test E inject, before pct begins. How does this sound??

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    Read this bro, I think it will help Hcg usage - 250iu ED throughout cycle? check it out

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