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    buddy going back on cycle...OR SHOULD HE???

    Hey, fellas. This is kind of a sub-thread to another thread I had similar to it not too long ago. Hope y'all don't mind me elaborating on it a bit more (just really need some info.)

    My last thread, I asked if you could go back on cycle if your levels weren't back to normal yet. As you remember, a buddy of mine has been off-cycle for 4 months now (his cycle was about 12 weeks long). He went to go and get blood work done, and he had some lows in a few areas (testosterone levels ((although free testosterone was fine)), FSH, and SHBG).

    Now, from what I've read here, about half the guys think it would be OK and he would still make the same gains, and the other half say that he won't make the same gains if his levels aren't back to normal. I, personally, don't see why he wouldn't. After all, after the natural testosterone is suppressed, the foreign test. would take over and do its thing, correct???

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    He should not go back on a cycle till all his levels are back to normal. If he does he will still get good gains. But when he is done with that cycle he is going to have a hard time getting all his levels back to normal.

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    Tell him to take some tongkat ali to get his levels back to normal. Red Kat is a good brand of it.

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