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    Clen - Liquid vs. Pills

    I have some liquid clen and don’t know enough about the stuff to feel comfortable using it in show preparation. Can anyone give me the 411 on liquids effectiveness compared to its pill counterparts? I would also like to know if there is a shelf-life on the liquid, how much should be taken, and what everyone’s opinion is on the best clen available.

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    If your source is legit and your liquid dosage is accurate then IMO a mcg is a mcg. Liquid or Tab, it makes no difference.

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    my sources for both liquid clen and pill clen are legit, yet i prefer liquid clen. Love the stuff, swear by it, ESPECIALLY pre-competition. As far as how much you should take, it depends on how much you can handle. I can only handle about 120 mcgs.. Some folks on this board can squirt 200mcgs and not even blink an eye. Its up to how your body responds. Start out with 20-40mcgs and go up from there. My source for the liquid clen, and the best chem site out there, happens to also be the site-sponsor: Fast shipping, good service and all, p lus there clen taste like candy.. just my .02

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