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    Question Plannin next cycle with DECA, need some help

    I have not run deca in years and I would like to take a break from EQ for a while and try something else.
    I remember Deca could cause gyno that nolvadex can not help. I did some research and found that some suggest vitamin b6 and others suggest cabergoline.
    My question is will vitamin b6 do the job or do I need cabergoline also. If so this is my first time hearing of cabergoline. It is a illegal substance. Where can you buy it from (pm)
    I will probably be running Cypanate at 600 week for 14 weeks, with deca at 500mg for 12 weeks, with a d bol jump start at 50 mg day.
    ALso I am sure I would still need to run the nolvadex, with HCG towards the end followed by clomid.

    My current cycle of sustanon and EQ shooting eod I carried very little bloat so I never ran liquidex. Is liquidex something I might want to get for this deca cycle?

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    b-6 should work just fine. but if you like you can also get bromo im not to sure on the caber

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