I got a buddy in the gym who's test results were received a few months. All levels were extremely low. Doc put him on the andro patch for a few months which did minimal. Went to see an endocronologist who kept him on the patch and said he test him again later. My question is, what could he have done to drop his test levels? He's about 5'10 and 160 with 7-8%bf. Diiet has recently become extremely low fat, could that be it? Excessive overtraining and undereating? Does cardio 1st thing in the am 7 days a week (as do I) and trains in the PM. He also used to smoke a bowl to help him sleep once a night for a few years, but stopped about 2 weeks ago and says he feels 10x better. Also has NOT touched gear in a good 2.5+ years. Thanks for any offerings.