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    Question Indecisive Newbie

    I'm a newbie that has been researching AS and reading forums for the past month or so. I've read multiple threads suggesting that first time cyclers should stick with a single compound like Test. But the diverse opinions as to what Test to use is mind boggling. I know as a first timer I want something that does not require frequent injections or result in excessive water and fat retention. As of right now I'm leaning towards 9-12wks of Sust 250 EOD@75-100mcg sticks. But some give Sust 250 a bad review and prefer Test E. I like to hear some suggestions.

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    With Sust250 you will probably become more bloated then with say Test E and with sust, you are going to want to inject eod. With Test E you will only have to inject twice a week and won't encounter some of the bloat problems you would with sust. I ran sust for my first cycle injecting twice a week at 500mg a week and did experience some waer retention and bloat problems, but did have generous gains in size and strength. Looking back I would have chosen Test E if I could have. Good Luck Buddy.

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    go with test e and if youre concerned about bloat just take an anti-e throughout the whole cycle

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    Both sust and test e are great first cycles.Both will provide significant size and strength gains,providing your training and diet are tight.
    If you go with the sust,just add .5mg adex eod and that will help with the bloat.

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    Test e my man. welcome

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    Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate either one would be good. twice weekly injections, I.E. monday morning / thursday evening. @ 500mg EW or 250mg every monday morning / 250mg every thursday evening.

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